Kitty Hawk Aerodrome
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Our Body Corporate not only gives access to fuel at improved prices to members and owners on a credit system, but also arranges social events and regular club fly-outs to different venues.

Kitty Hawk Aerodrome was established as an Aero-Estate in 1995. This project has developed to its exciting status as an Aerodrome. The Kitty Hawk Aerodrome is completely divorced from all other developments and consists of hangar facilities, a small residential flat, clubhouse and a fuel bay. The development is registered as a Sectional Title development and the Aerodrome is registered with the CAA as a public airfield. The Kitty Hawk Aerodrome is managed by the owners in the form of a Body Corporate and Trustees nominated by the Body Corporate.

The core focus is to:

  • Promote aviation in general
  • Promote safe flying activities
  • Develop ground roots aviation
  • Make aviation as affordable as possible
  • Create facilities and an atmosphere for all aviation enthusiasts to enjoy and share
  • To create opportunities in aviation for all

In order to realize our mission, all aviation enthusiasts are welcome irrespective of whether you have access to an aircraft or not. Irrespective of whether you are a hangar owner or not. As long as you share our love for flying, whether by microlight or space rocket.

For any queries, please contact us at :

Join us and experience what flying is all about. Events like Fly-Outs, Fly-In’s, Air shows and regular get-togethers will be arranged. Watch this website for more information!

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