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25°51’35.4″S 28°26’58.9″E
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FAKT Airfield


Kitty Hawk Aero Estate:  FAKT
Elevation:  4586ft
Runways:  810m x 18m tar, RH 01, LH 19
Coordinates: S 25°51′42″ E 028°26′49″
FAKT AD 2.20 Local Traffic Regulations:

(1) Runway 01 Right hand circuits.
(2) Runway 19 Left hand circuits.
(3) Pilots to broadcast their intentions on 120,65 MHz Kitty Hawk Traffic when east of the FAWK CTR.
(4) Join overhead 6100 ft
(5) APPROACH 01 – EXTREME CAUTION – Power lines 2000m S of AF at approx. 700ft above rwy elev. Westerly winds cause extreme turbulence & down drafts/wind shear near threshold.
(6) Keep look out for guinea fowl & buck at times.
(7) There is an official aerobatic box immediately to the west of the Kitty Hawk runway – occasional aerobatic practice occurs.
(8) Helicopter parking marked (H) on North Eastern side of airfield.
(9) Poor radio coms between holding point 01 & 19 at times.

Fuel:  AVGAS and MOGAS is available 7 days a week.


Aerobatic Box

Please Note:

All pilots please be aware that there is an official aerobatic box immediately to the west of the Kitty Hawk runway.

The box limits are from ground to 7500′ and up to FL090 on occasion.

The aerobatic box can be active at any time but particularly on a Saturday afternoon. All aircraft using the box will be on 120.65

The recommended procedure therefore is to join overhead but to the east and keep all circuit patterns to the east.

Further details are available in the AIP ENR 5.5 Subpart 7 on the CAA website.

Fuel at Kittyhawk

Kitty Hawk Aerodrome has an easily accessible fuel bay and AVGAS & MOGAS is readily available 7 days a week.

Normal hours of operation:

  • Weekdays  – 08h00 – 17h00
  • Saturdays & Sundays – 08h00 – 17h00

A call-out fee outside these times of R50 will be levied. Please arrange any fuel outside normal hours with the airport manager.

Fuel Attendant On Duty Number:  078 003 1121

In their absence call: Dawie Pretorius, Airport Manager 082 804 6979

Prepaid Fuel at Kittyhawk

All hangar owners can make use of the Pre-paid Fuel System at a preferential fuel price:

  • The user must always remain in credit.
  • Deposits must be at least R 2000 and must be made by direct electronic transfer into the account below.
  • Use your specifically assigned account number and your name (e.g. KH053 Smith) as a reference.
  • Funds can normally be used within one working day of the deposit showing up on the bank statement.
  • Please contact the admin office for more information on the Pre-paid Fuel System at

Banking Details:
Kitty Hawk
FNB – Acc: 6246 1240 089
Church Square – 251 445